Huellas Incómodas

Huellas Incómodas (Uncomfortable Footsteps) is an international collective of students, scholars, community members (at this moment in Mexico, Ecuador and the United States) dedicated to documenting, contextualizing, and digitally preserving the traces of local social protest movements in the Americas.

Marianne & Max Weber

Weber on the Web is a project developed by sociology students at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. The objective of the project is to collect quality information available on the Internet about Max Weber and Marianne Weber, German sociologists with a great influence on the discipline. This work is part of the course Founders of Sociology: Max Weber, taught at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.

Share Knowledge Network

With the hashtag #ShareKnowledge on social networks–and particularly on Twitter–we share comments, resources, tools and testimonies on topics related to Social Science Research Methodology, Scientific Communication, Open Science and Open Access.

The Share Knowledge Network blog has the objective of collecting some of the publications that we have left on social networks and that deserve to be brought together on one site to be consulted, since they can be useful for students, researchers and the general public interested in these topics.